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The Curators' Choice

The Curators' Choice section is a group of objects from both the Verdant Works collection and the Discovery Point collection that the curators have chosen as some of their favourite items. They are not necessarily the most glamorous or the most famous but they have piqued the interest of the people who work with them and we hope that they will interest you too. This selection will be changed a few times a year.

Image of Manuscript 'Yuss' from 'Songs of the Morning' DUNIH 2012.38.1
DUNIH 2012.38.1
Manuscript 'Songs of the Morning', entitled 'Yuss', words by J.D. Morrison and music..
Image of Captain Scott's pipe W
Pipe, belonging to Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Made up of a fruitwood bowl and bakelite handle with..
Image of Cop Winder DUNIH 85
Cop Winder, machine used in the middle stages of jute processing. Here the spun bobbins of yarn are ..
Image of Terra Nova Rigging Plan DUNIH 2012.39.3
DUNIH 2012.39.3
Plan, rigging plan of Terra Nova, laid on canvas with a printed outline, coloured in yellow and blue..
Image of Spindle speed gauge DUNIH 358.1
DUNIH 358.1
Spindle speed gauge, also comes with operating instructions and stored in a black box. This was used..
Image of Silver plated coffee pot DUNIH 2011.36.1
DUNIH 2011.36.1
Coffee Pot, domed lid with wooden knob and a carved scrolled, wooden handle. Bears an engraved inscr..
Image of Cigarette case owned by Captain Scott W 79.133.47
W 79.133.47
Cigarette case, silver, owned by Captain Robert Falcon Scott for a cutter race upon the HMS Rover. S..
Image of Jute Toy Elephant DUNIH 2013.17
DUNIH 2013.17
Toy, stuffed jute elephant with black bead eyes, maroon lined ears and polkadot (white/maroon) '..
Image of Linen sample with Dundee Technical college crest DUNIH 2009.67.27
DUNIH 2009.67.27
Sample, blue linen sample with the Dundee Technical College crest woven into the material and decora..
Image of S.Y. Discovery build and launch DUNIH 2004.14
DUNIH 2004.14
Photograph album (minus binding) containing 77 annotated, black and white photographs of the constru..