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Our Collections

This website is your chance to discover Dundee Heritage Trust’s unique and varied collections, which are split between the Royal Research Ship Discovery and the associated polar materials and the industrial textile collections based in the ‘A’ listed Scotland's Jute Museum @ Verdant Works, originally a 19th century flax and jute mill. Both of which are Recognised Collections of National Significance.

The Antarctic scientific research vessel RRS Discovery is part of the UK’s National Historic Fleet of pre-eminent historic ships. The polar collections tell the story of RRS Discovery and the men who served on her. Items vary from navigational instruments and scientific specimens collected on the ship's expeditions to more personal objects which vividly represent daily life for polar explorers of the period. The polar collections are not limited to the Discovery though and feature material from many other expeditions, most notably Captain Scott’s second fateful journey to the Antarctic onboard the Terra Nova.

The textile collections at Scotland's Jute Museum @ Verdant Works give an insight into the history of Dundee’s textile industries from the dominance of the jute industry to the later manufacture of man-made fibres in the city. As well as the large working machinery that illustrates the processing of jute; smaller objects and archives reveal topics such as the industry’s Indian connections, research and development, textile products, textile engineering and the lives of the workers.

Our Database

Please be aware that the Collections Database is a ‘work in progress’. Although we will be continually adding and updating, it does not contain everything in our collections and the level of detail that accompanies each record varies. Records which currently do not have an image available will show the Dundee Heritage Trust logo.

If you cannot find a particular object, wish to find out more information or arrange a viewing of material not currently on display, please do get in touch through our contact page.

We are always looking for ways to improve this resource so please let us know if you have any information about our collections, comments or if you find any errors. All information is welcomed so please get in touch quoting the relevant object number through our contact page.

Both collections are constantly growing and we would be very pleased to hear from you if you have relevant items which you might consider loaning or donating.

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Recognised Collections
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